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E-Mail Marketing Services

We help you to reach your target audience, to create, send and track email campaigns effectively


Building Email Campaigns

Building E-Mail Campaigns


We design beautiful eye-catching, customizable Html email templates which effectively communicates with your audience and convey a correct message to them. We craft templates that best suits your message, it may be selling or promoting your brand, sharing some news or telling a story.


Creating Landing Pages

Creating Landing Pages


We create expressive, beautiful landing pages for your customers that makes it easy for them to buy your product and services. Landing page has all the information at the same place. It is the best place to showcase and promote your products and services directly from your website.

Promotional Email Setup

Promotional email setup


Grabbing eye ball of your targeted audience is a difficult task. We help you to setup unlimited emails for your audience. We create best and unique mass mailing campaign that gives your customer a direct call to action.

Inbox Optimization

Get Inbox Optimized


If the email is not received in the inbox than it is considered as spam. Email marketing is a very powerful strategy until and unless it is viewed by the receiver. We offer you inbox optimized emails which are received in the inbox by the viewers.

Easy, Fast and Affordable Email Marketing

Email template designs and promotional strategies that can take your business to the next level

Email marketing is the oldest technique of promoting your goods and services. As the technology evolved, several new techniques came into practise, but no one could replace email marketing. As it is the most trusted method of conveying a message to the targeted audience.


It is one the most easy and effective way to convey your message to the people. Email marketing is a marketing method that still gives you maximum Rate of Investment (ROI).


E-Mailing can be a very interesting way of marketing, some basic facts about it are:

  • Monday emails have the highest revenue per email
  • Emails have ROI of 4300% which is highest of all other marketing formats (Forbes, 2016)
  • Open rates are high when company send two emails per month
  • 48% of the total emails are opened on a smart phone

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Features of email Marketing

Creative Design

Get beautiful, responsive customizable email templates. We create simple yet powerful designs which attracts your customers and shows an immediate hike in the open rate of the campaigns.

Responsive Templates

As almost half of the email campaigns are open in the email, we offer awesome email templates that makes your email campaigns responsive. Leaving behind great user experience.


We give you a leverage to target as many customers as you want. We allow you to send thousands of emails in a single campaign without being getting blocked or blacklisted.


Even today email marketing is the most trusted way of communication, the major factor beside it is that you can create a complete report which shows you detailed open rate, click through rate and delivery rate.

Building Newsletter

Newsletter are used for the audience engagement. You can use your newsletter to reach your focused targets. these are the promotional emails by which you can engage your customers with offers, schemes and latest news about your brands.

Cost Effective

In all the marketing techniques, email marketing is the most effective and efficient digital marketing channel. Recent researches show that it is the method that returns maximum ROI. It returns 4,300% return on investment for business.


Get a Personalized Estimate for Your Project

With Soluzione, Get delivered your latest Schemes, offers and product straight to inbox 

We offer you best email marketing services and set targeted email campaigns for you. We build high impact email templates. We send bulk emails for you and offers a better insight through real-time reporting. Our team evaluates your campaign performance and gives you intuitive reports which include our real-time data showing the description about your email, number of targeted audience, number of receivers, clickers and openers. We follow the same practice regularly that helps you to get more targeted audience resulting in having more relevant leads.


Our team focuses on creative and responsive design which offers you powerful templates to attract more and more viewers. Your email list can be the key point of acquiring more customers, therefore it is most important to get the maximum out of your email campaign.

Our Clients

SpotmybizSidwalTheeducationpostTehzeebLimetreeFwaBoardingschoolVedasPriority Funding

Deepa Kukreti Bose
Tehzeeb, Bhopal

...Soluzione has created one of the most beautiful e-commerce websites for us. They not only developed the portal but did photography too. Now my customers are spread all over. Our products are also available on Amazon, Snapdeal and Tehzeeb is a brandname.

Shiv Shankar Sharma
Federation for World Academics

...Designed, developed and managing SEO for Federation for World Academics. Portal for world wide academicians is in progress. Hoping to bring all Academicians under one umbrella.

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