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Pay-per-click is also known as cost-per-click. It is a way by which helps to enhance the traffic in our client’s website which increases both leads and sales. Various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter works on the PPC model as it is a platform which allows to display the advertisement.


At Soluzione, we prepare different PPC campaigns for our clients according to their business. We master Google AdWords as a platform to prepare advertisement for both small, medium and large businesses and provide our services on Bid Management, Web Site Analytic tools, Split or A/B testing, Search Interrogation and Keyword Suggestions.


Our client’s trust on us as we focus on increasing the ROI through the PPC campaign. We test keywords, market place verticals and business models.


Our aim is to give the profit and benefit to the customers-

By increasing traffic from the paid search.

By reducing the marketing cost and cost-per-click (CPC).

By providing services to increase leads and sales.

By maintaining balance between our clients paid search and organic search programs.


a)  Keyword Research-

Our experts research for those keywords that may help our client’s website to rank high and optimize the landing page by preparing the contents using those keywords.


b) Website Audit-

We do complete audit of our client’s website, PPC campaigns and find out the changes that needs to be done. We check keywords, links, loading speed and prepare the report.


c) Campaign Set-up-

Firstly, we plan to work out the goal by deciding which ad strategy to be used. Then we start working on preparing a good campaign by focusing on the keywords.


d) Ad copy writing-

Our experts prepare the ad’s that are Google approved and provide solutions to the queries of our visitors. We work on Sitelinks, Callouts, Messages, Reviews, Pricing, Call Extensions, Click Through Rate (CTR), Add Scores and maintain it.


e) PPC Optimization-

We focus on the campaign by utilizing high volume keywords instead of low volume keywords.


f) Daily tracking/ optimisation-

Our experts prepare and collect data that are needful for the campaign purpose so that we can optimise the account and find the benefits.

Some of the features that we include in our PPC services in Brisbane and Melbourne are-


Competitive Analysis

Campaign Structure

Paid Search Audit

Manual Placement

Landing page selection

Google Analytics tags

Copy Creation



Pay Per Click Brisbane

We put our full efforts to fulfil our client’s need by providing good quality services as we believe that fees that is paid to us shouldn’t be wasted. We use latest methodologies that are cheaper and are helpful in campaign purposes.


We maintain the monthly record of our clients and keep a watch on how much benefit they are attaining from the campaign.


Our Google Adwords experts in Brisbane and Melbourne believe that they prepare a perfect strategy for the client’s business and manage everything according to them. Our team members are well qualified in Search Strategy, Copywriting, Business Analysis, Usability and Reporting. We work on Bid Management, Web Site Analytic tools, Split or A/B testing, Search Interrogation and Keyword Suggestion. Our main aim is to prepare an advertisement to target customers for our clients. We have given best results to our clients.

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