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We offer relevant traffic to the website with our PPC Services


Ppc Keyword

Keyword Research


Gain High Volume Traffic at Low Bid with our services. Our team of experts does a thorough keyword research which contains keywords which have high volume but low bid. We also manage surrounding keywords by Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match techniques.

Ppc Campaign Setup

Campaign and Ad Group SETUP


Setting up a campaign is the most complicated task in PPC marketing. We make such adjustments that allow how often your add will be visible to your audience based on when, where and how they search for it.

Ppc Ads Structure 1

Ad Copy and Structure


Our PPC proficient professionals use best practices to create ads resulting in increasing your visibility. We structure campaigns uniquely which are sustainable and are targeted as accurately as needed that benefits you to generate lots of profit in a short span of time.


Tracking and Optimization


Our team of experts analyze campaigns and generate reports regularly. We find pinpoint areas of keywords which are working for the campaigns and according to it we balance and bid on those keywords. We create a Bid strategy according to the performance data for all keywords.

We create Impressive Advertisement for your Brand

We offer AdWords Management Services which hooks more traffic, more leads, more sales to

In this competitive world, you do not need just traffic, you need a relevant traffic to increase your sales. With PPC service you can get ranking on page one from the day one whereas SEO is a time-consuming service which takes at least 6 months of effort to achieve the result. It is a fact that Pay-per-click marketing is a goal driven technique and can work for any kind of business which is one of the easiest and convenient ways of promoting brands and spreading awareness. World’s 16% websites are Google partner sites which either give search ads or display ads. Pay per click is the most known technique for paid advertising but now a days it become synonym of Google AdWords.

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Procure best Pay per Click Management Features

Negative Keyword Research

Complete research is required on keywords that prevents your ad from being triggered by ascertaining word or phrase. Your ads are focused on the targeted audience resulting in increasing a relevant traffic to your website.

Instant Visibility

The key feature of PPC is that it has greater visibility in the shortest time span. With PPC your Ads are not only visible on Google SERPs but also on Google search networks that help you to reach your targeted audience easily.

Bid Adjustment

Bid management plays a vital role in Ranking your Advertisements. There are several strategies for the Bid adjustments like maximizing clicks on the ads, targeting pages and enhancing cost-per-click.

Local PPC

Google AdWords Express is the tool for local PPC. Making Adwords work for your business initially needs a local strategy. It is a unique feature for local business showing Ads only in particular areas. Local PPC mostly benefits restaurants and service shops.

PPC Awareness

Instant results are achievable through PPC but, Google Ads cost way too much so you can make a complete profit or even a big loss from it. So, it is very important to be aware of PPC completely.

Quality Score

It is rating used by the Google for Ads and keywords by which it decides it decide the ranking of your Ad. Quality Score is directly proportional to Bid, if the quality is low than bidding is high to achieve good Quality Score.


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Why Choose Soluzione for PPC Services ?

Soluzione is an Adwords management agency. We come up with a clear strategy and objective. Initially, we discover your targeted market areas and objectives. Our PPC proficient professionals develop a strategy for you to achieve your goals. Our team of experts follows a complete procedure to achieve the best outcome at the affordable cost per click. We build advertisements which brings a quality leads and better-targeted traffic to your website resulting in boosting your sales.


Pay per click is a complex procedure which requires lots of effort in research and analysis. Thus, it is important to choose professionals for your Pay per click services who can return your maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Clients

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Shiv Shankar Sharma
Federation for World Academics

...Designed, developed and managing SEO for Federation for World Academics. Portal for world wide academicians is in progress. Hoping to bring all Academicians under one umbrella.

Deepa Kukreti Bose
Tehzeeb, Bhopal

...Soluzione has created one of the most beautiful e-commerce websites for us. They not only developed the portal but did photography too. Now my customers are spread all over. Our products are also available on Amazon, Snapdeal and Tehzeeb is a brandname.

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