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Microsoft Stack Development Services

Microsoft stack is the coolest technology leveraging our customers to meet their business challenges. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, in the web development world, we offer you a rich choice of tech stack. Our Technical experts assist in optimizing operations, drive business value and innovation. When it comes to custom software solution we offer you a complete comprehensive solution using Microsoft stack technology that can be developed in estimated time duration and in a budget.

Why choose Soluzione as your Microsoft Stack Development Partner?

  • With the Microsoft capabilities, we can drive your application to the next level
  • We bring together the best cutting-edge cloud computing to unlock the new opportunities that improve your business values
  • We understand what’s right for your business and build the best product for you at the best price and in committed time

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Microsoft Stack Technologies that benefit your entire system

Front End

It is the client side which has a real interaction with the user. In Microsoft stack, the main technologies we work on in front end are the ASP.Net and MVC. We offer our customers with the technology that makes their great user interface and their application function optimally acting to the expectations.


The performance of the entire application depends on how smooth the application works, and Middleware plays a key role in providing a standard way to communicate data between systems. We use the power of .Net and .Net Core technology that facilitates standard communication and management of data between the frontend and backend tier.

Back End

The backend is just not only about a database, it is much more than that. It is a Server-Side of the application which holds application hosting, deployments, and database. Backend technologies on which we work on are SSL Server, AWS Access, SQL Azure and Blobs.


Microsoft Stack Technology offers various options to leverage their user with various report building options, we help you to build a creative intuitive report with the help of Power BI and SSRS reporting.


For any application it may be small or big you need a hosting. We follow best practices that give your application dedicated hosting which provides you enhanced security. We offer multiple application hosting options like AWZ and Azure On-Cloud Hosting services and Windows and Server for the On-Premise hosting.

Rupesh Pathak
Head of Operations
Queensford College, Brisbane, Australia

...We have used many RTO student management systems in the past..

Praba Manivasagar
Cashé Software Oakdale, MN

...The Soluzione team quickly understood our legacy environment and built the...

Ted Hanson
IT Director
Renodis – Telecom and Mobility Management, MN, USA

...We have been working with Soluzione for 5 years, from initial implementation through...

David Prior
Managing Director
Priority Funding , Brisbane, Australia.

...Priority Funding Corporation Pty Ltd has been working closely with Soluzione IT Services...


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