Erwin A. Racimo
IT Coordinator
New Jersey Tech Council
New Jersey, USA
Usability & Design
Conceptual Analysis
UI Development

The New Jersey Technology Council partnered with Soluzione IT Services in September 2015 and we have been extremely satisfied with our choice of provider for our CRM migration. In fact, Soluzione IT Services has exceeded my expectations. We held weekly meetings to meet our agile requirements and to track progress of the project.  By allowing Soluzione IT Services team of developers to provide the best migration path from MS CRM 3.0 to the online version, they have been knowledgeable and professional which allowed NJTC to transition to cloud services seamlessly.


The New Jersey Tech Council provides business development, education, networking and recognition opportunities as well as advocacy for the state and region‘s technology businesses.

With the growing membership base, NJ Tech Council was looking at a mechanism to provide a system where Members can register themselves online, renew their memberships, get automated event listings and online registrations for the upcoming events. The major pains were


    1. – Huge base of members across country
    1. – Automated notifications and renewals
    1. – Integration of various software systems
    1. – Limited Business Insight
  1. – Limited IT Staff and Investments


Soluzione used a consultative approach and carried out complete software development life cycle (SDLC) detailing immediate and future requirements. The over execution was then strategically broken in phases.

Soluzione developed cloud based CRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and external Web Portal on Windows Azure. These included:

  1. – Core CRM Customization such as Entities, Workflow, Plugins etc.
  2. – CRM Dashboard, Reports and various Templates
  3. – Automated processes in an integrated manner across business functions such as Membership and Events
  4. – Easy & Collaborative information sharing with various stakeholders
  5. – Role-based KPI dashboards
  6. – Windows Azure based Portal.
  7. – Integration with Payment Gateway
  8. – Data Migration


  1. – Integrated, Collaborative and Insightful system
  2. – Enabling NJ Tech Council to provide enhanced services for their members
  3. – Huge man-hours saving with increased productivity
  4. – Cost Effective solution

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