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Remarketing is a way to connect with the people who visit the site but don’t make an immediate purchase. It is a medium to interact with the audience who just come to make an enquiry. By Google AdWords Remarketing you can influence your visitors like a brand and suggest them products and services in which visitor was interested. It is a way for the company to show their online presence through internet browsing.


Soluzione provide services of Google Remarketing Campaign. We have professional developers who work for the companies so that they can achieve success and growth. We interact with the company and gives our support and facilities to them by fulfilling their needs. We offer remarketing services to increase sales, registration and to generate awareness among people.

Remarketing gives opportunity to the company to reach out to the people and display their latest items when they are visiting and searching on the internet.

We prepare remarketing list of those customers who visit the site and add the items to their cart but does not buy it.

We give the company a way to reach the people through the remarketing lists.

With the help of Ad Gallery we produce images, text and videos.

We create a report to notice how successful our campaign project is working.

We provide Google Ad Remarketing Services to our clients so that they can stay connected with their target audience either online or offline.


We work on various remarketing services-

Some of the features that we include in our PPC services in Brisbane and Melbourne are-

Standard Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing lists for search ads

Video Remarketing

Customer List Remarketing



a) Lists-


The process starts with the preparation of the list. We prepare four lists as mentioned below-

Past Buyers Lists- It covers those people who purchased certain items from the company in the past.

Shopping Cart Lists- It covers those people who search and add the items to the cart but don’t buy it.

Product Viewer Lists- It covers those people who search some specific product but don’t add it to the cart.

General Visitor’s Lists- It covers those people who visit your site but don’t search a particular product.

b) Tag-


Then we tag the above mentioned four lists.


c) Creation of the campaign-


Now, we prepare the campaigns for the site to attract the visitors. We work on the following functions like call extensions, call outs, structure snippets, sitelinks, A/B split testing.

Our experts prepare Remarketing Campaign according to the following options-


Website Visitors-

We prepare Remarketing Campaign according to the visitors who visit the website directly.


Mobile App Users-

We develop Remarketing Campaigns according to those visitors who use mobile apps.


Customer’s emails-

We provide support to them who give their email address.


YouTube User’s-

We remarket for those people who are youtube users.

Remarketing Perth


To increase the sales, leads and enquiries.

To approach and attract the customers.

To introduce our innovative ideas.


We work on the Google display product through providing facilities to add text, images, and videos. We use Google Display Ad Builders to prepare Dynamic Google Remarketing Banner Ads of various sizes and formats. Through Google Remarketing Ads, we provide the opportunity to the users to increase their Brand Image which attract customers and develop trust in you.


Our AdWords experts in Brisbane and Melbourne believe that they prepare a perfect strategy for the client’s business and manage everything according to them. Our team members are well qualified in Search Strategy, Copywriting, Business Analysis, Usability and Reporting. We work on Bid Management, Web Site Analytic tools, Split or A/B testing, Search Interrogation and Keyword Suggestion. Our main aim is to prepare an advertisement to target customers for our clients. We have given best results to our clients.

Google Adwords Remarketing

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