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Remarketing Services

We offer various remarketing techniques


Standard Remarketing

Standard Remarketing


Adwords helps you to automatically create a remarketing list. It is an easy approach applied to your already existing visitors, they may be people who have previously visited your website or maybe the one who is using your apps.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing


It is one step further remarketing technique which helps you to build leads and sales by retrieving your viewer, it is a boosting technique to endorse your brand. Dynamic Remarking is focused advertisement method, specially tailored for your existing visitors.

Video Remarketing

Video Remarketing


It is the type of Remarketing used for your previous visitors. Your video ads will be visible to your visitors in the google video partner networks like YouTube. It is suggested to link your YouTube Account to your AdWords Account.

List Reremarketing

Customer List Remarketing


This method is concentrated to your existing targeted customers. It is a special technique which can be applied to your offline customers also. It is a method that provides a leverage to show your ads across different google partner platform.

Retarget your Audience

We help you to get your Customers back with the best Remarketing techniques

Are you having an eCommerce site and people usually visits your site but do not make any immediate purchase? Then you need Remarketing, through which you can get back to all your visitors who have recently visited your website. This is a medium to connect with the audience who have just made an enquiry to your website. By Google AdWords Remarketing you can influence your visitors like a brand and suggest the products and services in which visitor was interested. It is a way for the company to show their online presence through internet browsing. Remarketing provides an opportunity for your company to reach out to the people and display your latest items when they are surfing on the internet.

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Features we include in Remarketing Services

Improving brand recall

Building a brand is a challenge but sustaining it is a greater challenge. The focus of all the eCommerce store is maintaining the customers with recognition, recall, referral and repeat purchase.

Improved conversion rates

Conversion tracking is very important to improve your conversation rate. The best way to interact with your visitors is the landing page as these pages have enough information to convince your visitors to perform the desired action.

Audience targeting

It is very important to target the correct audience in the niche. As the online world is very vast therefore it is essential to work strategically and segment the audience according to the brands and services you offer.

Improves relevancy of ads

Relevance of an ad to the target audience decides your relevance score. Improving the score can be beneficial to your business as it can save your money and help you reach your desired customers conveniently.

Gain high Profit

Spending on advertisements can be risky and can leads to loss, therefore to gain a big profit it is important to deeply understand your focus area, key products and the targeted audience.

Budget Friendly

Remarketing is seamless process and is specific to the targeted audience. We create ROI focused remarketing strategy, which is for all budgets even from the low revenue you can acquire relevant leads


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Soluzione offers

Why Selecting Us for Remarketing ?

Soluzione is the Digital marketing agency and is the best approachable option if you are having an eCommerce website. Our team members are proficient in Search Strategy, Copywriting, Business Analysis, Usability and Reporting. We work on Bid Management, Web Site Analytic tools, Split or A/B testing, Search Interrogation and Keyword Suggestion. Our focus is to prepare an advertisement to target customers for our clients.


Soluzione follows a complete procedure approach that will benefit your brand and services. We deliver services that create your brand value in an online market. Our team believes in the complete detailed listing of people who have searched for and add their product in the cart. Our list becomes more precise with listing down the people who search for a specific product in your website but have not added to their cart. Lastly, we list general visitors who just visit your site without any search for product or services. Then our team prepares creative advertisements to target your customers accordingly. We have given the best results to our clients. We are the brand creating a digital agency with the team of experts.

Our Clients

SpotmybizSidwalTheeducationpostTehzeebLimetreeFwaBoardingschoolVedasPriority Funding

Deepa Kukreti Bose
Tehzeeb, Bhopal

...Soluzione has created one of the most beautiful e-commerce websites for us. They not only developed the portal but did photography too. Now my customers are spread all over. Our products are also available on Amazon, Snapdeal and Tehzeeb is a brandname.

Shiv Shankar Sharma
Federation for World Academics

...Designed, developed and managing SEO for Federation for World Academics. Portal for world wide academicians is in progress. Hoping to bring all Academicians under one umbrella.

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