Take your Business to the Next level with GST Enabled SolzBiz

If you are a small business owner, you have already made a big decision and leap in your life. You know that customers are your biggest assets and they are too good to lose. If you do not keep them happy, someone else will. The key is customer relationship and here is a system that can enable you to do what you need to.

Customer Relationship is everything

Customer relationship is all about the seamless interaction with the customer, by each and every member of the team. Everyone has all the relevant information and is passing the same message, this is what makes a customer say wow! when they talk to you.



With SolzBiz, you are enabled to see a complete view of all emails, phone calls, tasks and all other activities related to a customer. Not just at the customer level, but at every artifact like order, invoice, opportunity, and payment. This gives the power in your hands on how and where to take a conversation and turn into a more holistic customer. You get a clarity of customer perspective and a strengthened relationship.

An uncomplicated Sales Process Flow

Running a business is all about making things easy and comfortable for functioning. SolzBiz gives a flow that is easy, complete and operable and the CRM activities give a full stack of tracking options.

SolzBiz Highlights

Ready for all challenges

SolzBiz is a unique customer relationship management system that automates all your key processes across functions of inventory management, product cataloging, sales, and income. It brings the flexibility to evolve into a true “Customer Centric System”.


Inventory and Purchases ManagementGST Enabled
Product CataloguingInvoicing
Account ManagementPayment Tracking
Lead TrackingComprehensive Tracking
Order ManagementRich Dashboard and Reporting


Platform to work where you need it

You have the access to SolzBiz where ever you need it and is  ready for all devices, be it Desktops, Laptops, Tabs or Mobiles. Impress your customers by logging your orders & tracking right in front of them. Be ready always.

CRM at most affordable and no hidden prices

SolzBiz comes as a “Built to suit” platform priced as per your needs. Fill out the form below to help us deliver an optimized quote. We are always available to guide you to get the best value out of a SolzBiz Implementation.

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