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Integrate CRM with Xero

A click away to upload all your invoice from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Xero


Intelligent Xero Connection

Intelligent Connection


It is brilliant solution that moves the correct information among CRM and Xero allowing you to harmonize the existing and write-in products attached in invoices.

Syncing Of Entities 1

Syncing of Entities


Just sit and relax, it is a onetime configuration system. No need to sync payments and credit notes whenever it is being created in Xero, it gets synchronized automatically.

Two Way Integration

Two-Way Integration


We offer you a two-way integration among CRM and Xero. It allows a mutual integration of all the entities like contacts, invoices, products, Master data or Transactional data among Xero and CRM

Financial Transparency

Complete Transparency


We offer you complete visibility among CRM and Xero. The information is visible across your whole organisation that provides you great communication and ease of decision making.

Why Choose Soluzione’s Xero Connector

It is a simple yet powerful solution that can accelerate your sales process

Attain easy and smooth two-way integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Xero Subscription with CRM-Xero Connector. Soluzione offers a Connector which is a secure, robust and reliable cloud hosted service to synchronize and link customer records, invoices and payments between Dynamics 365 CRM and Xero, ensuring that all their information is up-to-date saving your time, money and improving your customer relationships. We offer a solution that can instantly integrates your entire sales cycle with Xero-Accounting system.

It may be payments, prepayments or credit notes all exists in Xero, whereas your contacts, product/services and invoices are in your CRM. With this Connector Soluzione offers you a two-way integration process to sync all your records.

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Syncing Core Entities

Add and Sync contacts at the time of creation

The connector allows you to easily add your contacts directly from CRM to Xero. At the time of creating a contact in CRM, from a single click you can sync the record to Xero.

Sync all your invoices directly to Xero

It reduces your labour as at the time of invoice you can sync all your invoices from CRM to Xero without even logging into Xero.

Directly create payments in Xero

The connector reduces all your pain, as you can directly create prepayments, payments and credit notes in Xero and it gets automatically synced by updating all your invoices in CRM.


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Shape Your Business Together With Dynamics 365 and Xero


Soluzione’s Xero Connector Add On offers you a smart and straightforward sync process, with which you can easily have your organisation and its related Contacts, Product/Services, Invoices, payments updated on both the ends. It reduces all your hours of laborious work of re-entering the data again and again among CRM and Xero, it will free up your resources that can be used to grow your business.

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Shiv Shankar Sharma
Federation for World Academics

...Designed, developed and managing SEO for Federation for World Academics. Portal for world wide academicians is in progress. Hoping to bring all Academicians under one umbrella.

Deepa Kukreti Bose
Tehzeeb, Bhopal

...Soluzione has created one of the most beautiful e-commerce websites for us. They not only developed the portal but did photography too. Now my customers are spread all over. Our products are also available on Amazon, Snapdeal and Tehzeeb is a brandname.

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