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End To End Capabilities for Project Service Automation

Project management is an art of managing teams, meeting deadlines and delivering projects. The key to any successful business is building a trusted relationship and maintaining it with every customer.The entire process depends on steadily increasing experience and the process is not limited to the initial or at the executive level, but consistently with every client interaction, at every stage, and throughout the entire project.


Microsoft dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) allow companies to deliver projects more efficiently and cost-effectively with higher client satisfaction. It helps to earn your customer’s longstanding trust and enduring business by constantly setting and meeting their prospects. With your customer, it also benefits your team by providing them automation technology and a complete view of their client relationship.

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Key Features of Dynamics 365 project service automation

  • Build Solid reputation for delivering outstanding project experiences: project service automation extends dynamics 365 to provide a single system view of customer engagement for project sales, resourcing, delivery and billing Salesforce.
  • Empowering employees and customers: Microsoft dynamics 365 for project services helps to build trusted customer relationships.
  • Uniform tracking of financial events: Resourcing decisions are based on real time insight into consultant availability getting the best recommendations to optimise the skills for open projects

dynamics 365 project service automation

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Offers Opportunity Management & Planning

It delivers integrated sales dashboard with project based opportunities which helps in easy estimation of productivity and feasibility. It cut downs the team effort by quickly generating the project contracts and tracking labour charges. It also provides Customer Portals with which real time collaboration can be tracked with the customers regarding quotes and project scope.


Microsoft project plan helps sales manager to forecast pricing, efforts and values with the project manager to estimate and define the efforts by means of standard project templates.

Easy Resource Management through CRM Project Service Automation

Optimize the resource assignment through a scheduling engine across all modes of service to allocate the resources according to their skills. It acts as a bridge between project manager and resource manager with which they can easily forecast demand, talent management and resource allocation.


It offers robust, accessible, all device ready proficiency tools for project team, customers and partners which helps in the easy Team Collaboration on project deliverables and task.

Time and Expense Management through Project Service CRM

It provides easy tracking of all the projects through integration between exchange and project calendars which can be integrated by any device. It streamlines management, tracking and submission of estimates and by merging all the tasks and deliverables within the calendars.


There is a single dashboard for the project managers and customers which provides the complete view to review, prevail, track and accept all price and time impacting the project.

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Soluzione offers dynamics 365 for project services that build fantastic customer relationships by delivering remarkable project experiences. the key feature of project services CRM is it helps you to deliver profitable projects on time and within budgets. We provide a proper steering supervision about the Dynamics 365 for project services with the help of which entire project management system can be automated.

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