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Dynamics 365 Sales Automation for Small Businesses

Soluzione excels in CRM Software for small businesses and helps to enhance their efficiency in tracking sales funnel, leads and opportunities more effectively and improve sales performance by implementing Dynamics 365 for Sales solutions. With CRM systems for small businesses, we help in lowering down the cost of sales, increasing the account value and ultimately achieving the targets.


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Dynamics 365 sales management software solutions empower sales teams by providing intuitive experience. Your data is available on the go, you may access it on web as well as mobile.

We provide sales software for small business organizations by understanding their sales process. All the repetitive manual processes and tasks are automated through workflows and plugins, which leads to increased productivity. With Dynamics Sales Module you may do all the activities.


Connect with your customers using Sales Management Software

You have complete information of all contacts and accounts on your dashboard, from a single shared database which helps you in every sales interaction. You may access and update this information of your leads, opportunities, cases, emails, shared documents, etc. from anywhere and practically on any device.

Increase Sales Productivity through CRM Software

You can work smartly with Dynamics 365 for Sales by automating time consuming repetitive tasks through workflows. It may include guided workflows, automated email notifications, alerts, prompts while focusing your efforts on real time sales. A CRM System for Small business may reduce the operational cost and increase the profit margins.

Enhance Sales Insight using Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Have complete insight and sales metrics on your dashboard
  • Take more informed decisions about the business with Dynamics Sales
  • Connect with Power BI and let your data speak for you through graphical visualization. Drill down to the last point and take the minutest insight of your business
  • See your Sales funnel at a glance, evaluate each and every lead and opportunity to take decision regarding your next steps
  • Become proactive on buying signals by leveraging social engagement to your sales.

Prescriptive Selling through Dynamics CRM for Sales

  • Reflect on your methodology, business rules and best practices with guided CRM for Sales steps and increase your conversion ratios.
  • Assess where you are on each sales lead and opportunity, and decide the strategy to get it converted to order.
  • You may do up – selling and cross – selling through prescriptive features in new sales quotes and templates for project based sales, making each quote viable and profitable.

Increase your Leads with Sales Management Software 

You may connect your Dynamics 365 with marketing automation tools viz. Marketo or Click Dimensions or SendInBlue etc. to do audience segmentation and send personalized emails. It will help you to recognize the topmost prospects from each marketing campaign.

You may use the lead nurture marketing capabilities which enables you to send automated campaigns, a series of contextual mails and alerts you when the response is given by a recipient.

Be active anywhere anytime and on any device with Sales CRM

With Dynamics CRM, you may track your outlook emails, update sales data anywhere on your tablet and mobile phones seamlessly. Enabling offline mobile access lets you stay connected and synchronizes the updates automatically.

Manage your Products though Microsoft CRM

Go ecofriendly and paperless with MS CRM, get accurate quotes quickly by connecting to your product catalogue, discount structures and confirm order online. You may seamlessly do order processing and invoicing by integrating it with Finance / NAV / ERP system.

Grow your small business with networking

  • You may do document sharing, real time co-authoring, sharing and creating winning proposals and presentations
  • With Office 365 Teams, use may use your collective wisdom by sharing and discovering sales idea to win more business.
  • Get connected to experts and colleagues through skype for business for instant messaging, voice and online meetings.
  • Increase competition and motivate users to do more sales through gamification capabilities using fantasy sports.

How Soluzione will help Sales Team of Small Businesses with Dynamics CRM?

Every small business needs a Sales management software to increase productivity with lesser resources which can be achieved very well with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

It is very important to understand how Dynamics 365 can help your sales team to enhance business and achieve targets in more efficient way. It is observed that CRM projects generally fails due to poor user adoption to new system.

Soluzione first understand the requirements clearly by engaging and educating sales team. Then, we demonstrate the MS Dynamics Sales capabilities in order to give better understanding of the solution and outcomes. It cultivates user adoption and inculcates the power of engagement to achieve effective results.

We team up with your organization, help you overcome frequent user barriers and winning early success with Microsoft Dynamics 365.