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SolzEditor – A Rich Text Email Editor Dynamics 365 CRM

For the Modern Organisations, emails are the key marketing channels for evolution. Dynamics 365 ease your life by managing all your email campaign tasks like it helps you to send large volume of personalized marketing emails, traces each interaction with individual recipients and provide a complete customer journey trace based on the interactions.

As emails are the most convenient way to capture genuine leads, the email campaigns should be effective and to create a successful campaign should be a powerful email template. In CRM there is a feature to create an email template.

These templates can be crafted either for entity or globally. But every awesome feature has some limitations. With out of the box CRM email template have certain limitations.

  • Do not allow to create, edit and reformat text within Dynamics 365
  • Crafting email templates within CRM are limited to certain entities
  • Templates cannot be created with the custom entities
  • Attributes cannot be used for any related entity



Solz Html Editor Dynamics365

Create and Launch email campaigns in a fast and intuitive manner

Creating and editing rich Html based email templates in Dynamics 365 can be a pain as it requires lot of manual work which is not an efficient and desired way of creating an email.

Solzeditor is an intuitive HTML template editor which can be launched within Dynamics 365 and you can get a tailored template within CRM as Solzeditor allows you to edit, text reformatting and insert media.

No Limitations on Attributes for any related Entity

Creating Html email template can be a pain in Dynamics 365, one of the main limitations was to add dynamic CRM data fields to the email template, which can be very well aid by Solz HTML email editor which allows to select any CRM entity and add CRM attributes to the template natively.

For Example: In SolzHtml editor when an email is drafted for any contact then attributes of linked Account can be used like account number, account name etc which can be used with the Contact Entity.

Html Editor For Dynamics Crm

Get a Personalized Estimate for Your Project

Engage More Audience with Interactive Email Templates

With SolzHTML email editor you can overcome all the limitations of out of the box CRM email template and you can build your own amazing email campaigns with graphically rich marketing emails with your own tailored content which can become your eye-catching feature of your Dynamics 365. Boost your Marketing capabilities and Sales with SolzHTML Email Editor and astonish your customers by sending them interactive emails.

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